Dakai is startup focused on blockchain and software engineering.
We are a team of young engineers from all over Europe who have a passion for writing code and creating products.

We believe productivity is not tied to location, as such we encourage diversity in our team.
Latest tools of trade
Some of our favorite developer tools are OpenZeppelin, Rails, Rectify, React and Truffle.
Clarity and simplicity are key for effective communication. To assure both, we provide TrackingTime reports to our clients so they know where each dollar went.
Fast iteration
Our quick prototyping and adapting methods bring results faster than the old approaches.
Always evolving
We continually revise and improve our workflows and internal processes to achieve peak efficiency.
We encourage each other to experiment with new tech and participate in open source. We’ve named our company after the Chinese verb 打开 meaning ‘to open’.
Motivated by the desire to achieve.
Our clients raised over $130M

With the help of Dakai a wide range of clients, among whom are governments and enterprises, have succeeded in their endeavors.

We build DApps, payment platforms, protocols, smart contracts, token sales, and general software as well as design and optimize existing systems. We’re also happy to help with consulting/advising and take pride in the successes of the teams we’ve worked with.

Have a project for us?
We typically reply within one business day.