Dakai is a software and product development consultancy. Our clients range from fledging companies through Bay Area startups to some of the largest technology companies on Earth.


We are a team of engineers sharing a passion for writing code and creating products.
Our office is located in the heart of Budapest, neighboring the Gresham Palace and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Below is a glimpse of how we work and approach technology.

We believe the best talent is not tied to location. We work asynchronously in multiple time zones; everyone can pick their preferred schedule and location.
Latest tools of trade
Some of our favorite technologies are Go, Node.js and React/React Native. We use containerized infrastructure.
We strive to remove any barriers between you and our team. There are no managers or anyone whose main job is to delegate work. We believe in managing by doing.
Iterations that work
We work in five-week cycles, separated by one week of optimization & planning. This allows us to break even the most complex tasks into reasonable chunks.
There are no ‘sprints’.
Always evolving
After each cycle, we review time tracking, internal metrics and team feedback to improve our workflows and processes for maximum efficiency.
We aspire to create a culture of humility and first principles thinking. We’ve named our company after the Chinese word 打开 meaning ‘open’.
The status quo was made to be challenged
Leveraging technology to solve business problems

With our extensive experience in the ever-evolving startup environment, we understand what it takes to create and scale a great product.

We architect and build web/mobile apps, APIs, backend services, tokenized systems, and distributed ledger integrations. We hold ourselves to first-principles thinking in everything we do and take pride in the successes of the teams we’ve worked with.

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