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What we do
Web apps
We build modern web applications in React & Redux from concept to reality. Among others, the easily readable syntax and reusable component structure make it our top choice for frontend projects.
Mobile apps
React Native enables our team to build native iOS and Android applications with a shared codebase. With the same design, it’s also a great companion to React.js.
Backend systems & APIs
Using Node.js lets us rapidly bring products to market meanwhile sharing the same language for both ends of the stack. We use Go for heavy concurrency or anything that scales vertically.
Software architecture
As much as we like to code, it’s ultimately a means to an end. We can help find the best tools for the job by designing the technical architecture of new projects or auditing/optimizing your team’s existing stack.
Distributed Ledger Technology
Bear and bull runs aside, we believe DLT will slowly eat the world. We can build and integrate custom DLT systems, protocols and tokens – or help figure out if you need it in the first place.
Product development
Real-world problems are always more than their individual parts in isolation. We know from experience what it takes to build a great product, one that people will want to use.

Our Founders

Laszlo L. Mari
Co-Founder & CEO
Szabolcs Pasztor
Co-Founder & CTO

Recent news

23 Apr 2018

Welcome to the Dakai blog! Here you can find out about the way we work and the way we build. Not many companies out there can create products like us. Our company’s clearly defined goals...